Senior Services


Rest Home Services
St. Mark’s & St. Andrew’s contribute to the welfare of residents at Masonic Court Rest Home,at Metlife Care, and at Olive Tree Apartments, by providing regular monthly worship services. We welcome all residents who wish to participate, whatever their denominational roots.
We make sure each service is no more than 45 minutes duration, so that our worship together provides a time of spiritual refreshment rather than physical exhaustion. One of the retired ministers in the parish, the Rev’d Lesley Shaw, usually takes the services at Olive Tree and Masonic Court. Elder Neal Gilchrist provides leadership at Metlife Care.

Olive Tree Apartments:
Worship is held in one of the lounges at 11.00 am on the first Thursday of every month, February to December. Holy Communion is offered at each service.
Please ask directions to the lounge at reception.

Masonic Court Rest Home:
Worship is held in the Kilwinning Room at 11.00 am on the fourth Thursday of every month.

For many years Presbyterian services have been conducted by a St David’s layperson. In 2016 and 2017 they will be conducted by a St Mark’s and St Andrew’s parish elder.

Monday Services begin at 10:45 am in the Village Chapel and conclude by 11.20am.
First Monday in the month: Presbyterian
Second Monday in the month: LifeChurch
Third Monday in the month: Anglican
Fourth &/or fifth Monday Congregational &/or Methodist
Roman Catholic Services are provided on Wednesdays 11am