Christian World Service

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Christian World Service is the development, justice and aid agency of the New Zealand Churches, including the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. CWM works to end poverty and injustice throughout the world by supporting communities working for better lives and livelihoods, humanitarian relief in times of disaster and campaigning against the causes of global poverty.
The annual CWS Christmas Appeal is widely supported by members of St Marks and St Andrews.
About CWS
• Fund groups tackling poverty and help people build decent livelihoods in their own communities
• Respond to humanitarian emergencies
• Aotearoa New Zealand>
• Campaign against the causes of global poverty and injustice.
CWS responds to people’s needs regardless of race or religion. CWS is the development agency of New Zealand churches.
Christian World Service is a registered charitable entity. Charities Act 2005 registration CC22288.



Our approach
Justice underpins and shapes CWS’s understanding of and approach to development. CWS works with its partners and international networks to address the global processes and inequalities that keep people poor through unfair trade rules, exploitation, debt, lack of skills and resources, market arrangements and historical power imbalances.
CWS supports organizations that share this perspective based on:

Community ownership
The task is in their hands, not ours. Development objectives are best decided by local people who carry the hope and vision for their own community but need our financial support to run their programmes. CWS does not therefore send New Zealand staff to manage field programmes. Funds are spent in, by and for the community, and not returned to New Zealand through salaries.

A true relationship
Development takes time so CWS does not pick and choose programmes each year, funding issues or countries according to the latest development trend. CWS is instead committed to building long-term relationships and funding local partners for 10 years or more so real change can be achieved.

More than funding
For CWS, the idea of partnership goes beyond funding community development programmes. Solidarity and advocacy can be as significant as funding. It is equally important for people who have been denied political, social and economic rights to know they are being listened to, their problems are being addressed and people care enough to help.