Our denomination, The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, has set a policy that has sent us from our buildings for worship, temporarily.  The Parish worships at 10 am at the Lychway (5 Roy St. )and The Lord’s Table is set on the first Sunday of each month.  Another congregation, St. David’s Presbyterian Church preceded us there and now share worship with us.  Our offices have relocated to St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church at 117 College St.  Though most of us are older adults, we’re not stodgy and the babies that have  been born into the congregation are welcomed and enjoyed.
There are no barriers placed on guests.  Whoever you are, however you are, you are welcome.  Our purpose is to share Christ with you and be partners with him in our witness to his love for us, for the community, and the world around.  When you visit, you will be invited to introduce yourself so we can know you during worship, but you are not under obligation to do so.  We fellowship after worship, giving us another opportunity to get acquainted.
Our motto is “to be the light of Christ”.  We’re not perfect at our task but we are ready to be faithful even if it means facing the times when we fail at it.  Our church life is in progression.  We haven’t arrived at being all we can be but we are embracing ideas that may bring us closer to that hope.
Maybe you have gifts that Christ would bless in our life.  We hope you will consider that possibility.